Shop Rags That Never Soil

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shop rags in bulk

Rather than spend a fortune every month on keeping your store clean, save even more when you utilize still less. Irony upon irony is this. And it is also useful to recall the less is more philosophy on doing things simpler and yet more effectively. How does this explain your current situation? First of all, buy shop rags in bulk instead of going broke with your contract cleaners.  By all means, hold on to your hired help.

But then you would have to make sure that they have been trained right. You will not have time in the day to keep an eye on them, so while they’re around, you might want to deploy one of your accomplished and star performers to act as their supervisor for the duration of their shift. And even then, this shift does not need to be an all-out all day affair. Just think about it, you’re a law biding shop keeper.

So, you’ll always be obliged to stick to the minimum wage agreement. If they do a really super-duper job, you should be fair to them and reward them with a bonus. You’ll be able to afford this now that you’ve ditched the very expensive contract cleaners. See, even they don’t do a proper job. And the cheek of it all. They have the audacity to call themselves professionals. Give yourself a break. You’ll also not be paying a fortune on cleaning detergents and other cleaning implements.

You bought your rags in bulk and you can just about buy whatever brooms and mops you’ll ever need. No need for vacuum cleaners and polishers. More power to you and what harm did a little extra elbow grease ever do you. In fact, it’s doing more good when you think about it.