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The surprising science of motivational posters

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We’ve all seen the cat posters and photos that encourage us to “Just do it!” or “Hang in there” on countless office walls and desktop backgrounds over the years, but aside from providing a chuckle or maybe a few moments of deep thoughtÂ… that’s about it.

Do these posters have any other benefit? Or are they just white noise and nothing else?

Well, let’s look at the benefits of quotes

The benefits of quotes:

Quotes are supposed to be a tool of life, something that can give that extra push to make the reader take the words to heart and then become a better person. If a quote is read that connects with the reader, then they need to apply it to their lives and use that flicker of ‘maybe I can do that’ to help fan the flames of progress.

Quotes have a ripple effect on people, where someone reads a quote about hard work, then they act upon it, and become a more hardworking person. Quotes even help people get over big hurdles like loss, love, and sickness.

By taking the quote and using what it means, then we receive its benefit.

Bring it all back

inspirational prints

So when a motivation poster is looked at, it doesn’t have a benefit unless the readers take the quote and act on it. With so many inspirational prints in the world today, people can often just scroll past them. However, if everyone selected just two or three, and tried to become that quote, maybe everything in the world would be better.

The next time that someone finds a quote that speaks to them and stirs something in their soul, take a few moments and really try to understand why that feeling occurred, and then translate it to being a better person.