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In Today’s Throw-Away Culture We Don’t Think About Alternatives

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In his will, William Shakespeare left his second-best bed to his wife. Where was his first best bed? Had it been used to pay the attorney who was drawing up the will?

In the past it was recognized there was an investment of time an materials in the creation of a piece of furniture and there was something that was sufficiently valuable to pass it on.

In today’s flat-packed world of veneer covered chipboard, we are used to there being little work and less value in an item – so much so that we may just throw it to the curb when we are finished with it.

This is our loss

The world is full of beautiful furniture and our culture could embrace designer ottomans tallahassee fl if only to help us recognize the aesthetic value of having lovely things around you.

You can argue that styles change and you want to be able to update your style on a regular basis. But if you are honest, how often does that happen?

designer ottomans tallahassee fl

It turns out we have been sold a bill of convenience and the losers have been aesthetics, beauty and craftsmanship. We are so used to built-in obsolescence that we don’t even question it anymore. We accept everything has a shelf life after which we send to a landfill.

This is not sustainable

We simply cannot continue this way. We waste too many trees and we pollute too many streams. Re-inventing and re-purposing existing valuable furniture, or creating new from the old, is the only viable way forward.

That’s not to say that we should keep all the old veneer covered chipboard, but that we should look at the oak, spruce, maple and the like and find a way to live with it.